ADHD Support Group: Sharing Experiences and Information

To most people facing a particular challenge, it’s helpful to talk to others who share similar feelings and experiences. There’s something comforting about being around people who have walked in your shoes and know what you’re going through.

An ADHD support group allows people to connect with parents, other adults, and children whose lives have been affected by ADHD. By meeting on a regular basis, members of ADHD support groups are able to:

  • Exchange information and resources
  • Hear lectures from expert guest speakers
  • Get referrals to specialists
  • Discuss different ways to solve problems
  • Talk about frustrations and achievements

The sheer number of people in an ADHD support group provides strength, emotionally and socially. Support groups provide a unified voice to their members. By joining together, ADHD support groups can mobilize to raise awareness, fundraising, and acceptance on behalf of those with ADHD.

Instead of going it alone, you might consider either joining an ADHD support group or starting your own. A lot of parents and ADHD patients feel better after they turn their energies toward a greater cause. When you stop and think about it, ADHD support groups are run by the true experts: parents, caregivers, and those who have been diagnosed with ADHD themselves. The real authorities are the people who live with ADHD every day.

There are several online resources to locate ADHD support groups, including local support groups and live chats over the Internet. Some of these online resources are: