ADHD Success Stories

“My child is eight years old and struggles with attention difficulties. He would have mood swings, loose his appetite and his homework was very stressful. He was no longer a happy child. In search for an alternative, we discovered some natural products from VAXA. From the same week that we started using the combo Attend and Extress he has been under control, with appetite and again a happy child. We are thankful to VAXA for their great products.” Ray C.

“I can’t say enough good things about Attend, which my 11 year old son started taking in August. Wow! It took about a month to see a difference, and it just gets better and better. We tried every stimulant drug on the market, the results were terrible – violent mood swings, aggression, bedwetting – it was a nightmare. We took him off everything last March. He is a different person.” Kim C.

“My 13-year-old daughter had to go off of her meds due to weight loss. She lost 10lb in 6 months. I was so sick of all the side effects of the meds! So I went looking for an alternative to the meds. I found Attend! She has been on Attend for 6 weeks now with great success. For the first time she told me that she feels better! She has put on 12lbs and is happy and more compliant. Her behavior is better. She has a better attitude. She is kinder to her sister! I have actually had conversations with her about her day without auguring. I can hardly wait to see how this school year goes.” Happy Mom, Nellie P.

“My 6 year old and my 10 year old have major focus problems. They have trouble with attention and is hyperactive. I started taking Attend with both my children. Within just a few days of all of us taking the Attend our focus and attention span improved significantly and seems to still be improving a little more each day that we take the Attend. I am in college and taking Algebra for the first time in my life and I make sure that I always take my Attend before I go to class or do homework. It helps me to focus on the math better and thus understand it better.

The six year old I was really worried about because he started kindergarten this year, but he has been in school for a few weeks now and has not brought home any bad marks for behavior! Of course, we also have had to take out food coloring, milk products, and chocolate out of his diet as well. But, we have just taken out these things before and still not seen a great deal of improvement until we put him on the Attend. I like it for both my boys and myself because there are no side effects. My 10 year old also has a much easier time focusing on his school work since he has been taking the Attend.” Victoria H.

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Note: These represent just of few of Attend’s success stories, but it is also important to understand that results may vary from case to case. It is for this reason that Attend comes with a money back guarantee.