VÄXA Attend mini- Natural Alternative for Attention Difficulties in Smaller Capsules

Attend mini is specifically designed to support the function of the Central Nervous System in individuals who are inclined to be underactive, overactive, inattentive, and/or learning impaired. Attend mini contains the same effective formula as Attend in smaller, easier to swallow capsules.

Attend mini is a safe, homeopathic medicinal that supplies the body with the homeopathic and nutritional ingredients associated with learning and concentration. Formulated by a doctor, Attend mini has demonstrated a 70% success rate, and has changed the lives of both children and adults with attention related difficulties. Best of all unlike other products on the market, Attend mini has no side-effects! You or your loved one can gain all the attention supporting benefits in Attend mini without any undesirable side-effects like grogginess or irritability.

Vaxa Attend Mini BottleThe ingredients this multidimensional formula supports the body’s ability to naturally:

  • Support attention, focus and concentration
  • Aid periodic bouts of stress, frustration, nervousness, and hyperactivity
  • Help flush toxins, plaque and free radicals from brain pathways
  • Support an increased flow of nutrients, oxygen and energy to the brain
  • Promote smooth, balanced information processing
Number of Bottles

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Attend is totally free from side effects, unlike the side effects associated with Ritalin, and other pharmaceutical drugs on the market.

Is Attend mini Effective?

Attend mini has been on the market helping individuals like you since 1987. Computerized TOVA testing demonstrates that 70% of children and teens using Attend mini have seen amazing results! TOVA, or Test of Variables of Attention, is a highly accurate continuous performance test used to screen individuals with attention difficulties. View Customer Reviews for our Attend mini success stories!

Attend mini is simply the most advanced, all-natural formula available on the market, but don’t take our word for it, view our Product Comparison Chart for a comparison between two other natural products. Attend mini is so effective that it comes with a 1 Year Money Back Guarantee!

Attend mini is free from side effects, unlike the side effects associated with Ritalin, and other pharmaceutical drugs on the market.

What is in Attend mini?

Attend mini combines powerful homeopathic remedies in a base of essential vitamins and minerals, free form amino acids, and other essential nutrients. There are over 95 ingredients in Attend mini in order to create a synergistic blend that is more effective than simple supplements. View Ingredient List Here.

How Does Attend mini Work?

Attend mini’s unique combination of homeopathic remedies in a base of herbal and nutritional components is designed to complement the body’s natural calming and balancing agents. Along with 21 homeopathic ingredients, Attend mini also contains specific micro-nutritionals, neurotransmitters (eg. GABA, DLPA and other neural buffers), lipids, fatty acids, natural hormones, essential catecholamine precursors, and flavonoids like Pycnogenol which help to target, direct and smoothly focus attention, while naturally complementing the activity of the Reticular Activating System.

Can Attend mini be taken with other Medications?

Yes. Many people begin taking Attend mini while still on medications. It is always important to consult your doctor before begin and nutritional program.

Prefer regular sized capsules? Try the original Attend.

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