Is it ADD or Normal Kid Behavior?

ADD Young GirlIs your child fidgety? Does he interrupt? Is he loud and unruly? Then, according to some groups, your child suffers from attention deficit disorder. Yet other groups contend that this describes normal, albeit undisciplined, child behavior, especially for little boys who historically are more loud and rambunctious than little girls. Some physicians are concerned that little boys are being put on Ritalin or other drugs used to treat attention deficit disorder for acting like little boys: among children under the age of 16, boys account for approximately 80% of Ritalin and or ADD/ADHD drug consumption.

Are ADD/ADHD drugs being prescribed for children who truly need it or more often as a quick fix for frazzled parents? As the parent of a child exhibiting ADD/ADHD symptoms, you need to understand what is happening within your child to possibly be causing such behavior, and also explore all available alternatives for getting your child the help he or she needs. It is also important to understand that if your child is suffering with attention defict disorder that it is not your fault. It is a real condition that needs to be treated!

Sometimes simple changes in diet or excerise can help you adjust your childs behavior. You can also supplement your childs nutritional intake with Attend.