Diagnosing ADD/ADHD.

ADD/ADHD is commonly misdiagnosed by many parents, teachers, and Physicians. Start by speaking with your doctor or your child’s pediatrician. Many pediatricians diagnose attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) themselves, but in most cases refer you out to an ADD/ADHD specialist. You can also check with state and local agencies that serve families and children, as well as the school your child attends for more information on ADHD/ADD.

Make sure to ask your health professional about his or her training and experience related to ADD or ADHD. Diagnosing and treating attention deficit requires an ability to identify and distinguish behaviors that can be subtle and complicated. Make sure your health professional has enough time to evaluate you or your child. Accurate diagnosis and successful treatment of ADD/ADHD takes repeated office visits. It is also necessary that he or she be able to coordinate between other health professionals, family members, teachers, and caretakers.

It is important to document you child’s behavior and share it with the Physician. Which attention deficit disorder symptoms is you child displaying? How often and in what situations? How old was your child when you first noticed symptoms of ADD/ADHD? It is interfering with your child’s friendships ,or school activities? Make sure to ask your child’s teacher to do the same. The very large majority of the time teachers truly care about your child’s welfare. They are there for you children and can be an invaluable teammate when diagnosing attention deficit disorder.

On the same note, it is important that the Physician is completely aware of your child’s diet. Make detailed notes on what your child eats, at what times, and how much. Does your child act differently when given different types of foods or does not consume cola’s or other drinks high in sugar.

If you decide to meet with a Psychiatrists or Psychologists it is also important to share with them detailed information about your child’s home life. Be totally forthcoming. If things aren’t perfect at home, make sure to tell them. It can only help your child.

In summary, when diagnosing ADD/ADHD make sure to choose a Doctor that can take the appropriate amount of time with you, your child, your child’s teachers and anyone who is concerned about your child and most importantly be comfortable with the Doctor you chose and with the treatment he recommends.

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