Famous People With ADHD Traits

History is filled with individuals who were very creative, thought “outside the box,” and made huge contributions to society. However, often these people were ridiculed, labeled as troublemakers, and discounted as unintelligent.

While it’s impossible to go back in time and pinpoint famous people with ADHD, historical records show many of our most celebrated personalities had qualities consistent with ADD and ADHD. Likewise, today there are countless superstars and pop idols who are thought to have ADD/ADHD or who exhibit ADD/ADHD traits.

We should all be inspired by famous people facing extraordinary challenges—the celebrities, artists, scientists, musicians, athletes, and world leaders who prove that being different, visionary, and exuberant can change the world for the better.

Actors, Comedians, and Musicians

Robin Williams
Sylvester Stallone
Suzanne Somers
Will Smith
Dustin Hoffman
Whoopi Goldberg
Tracey Gold
Bill Cosby
Jim Carrey
George Burns


Abraham Lincoln
Robert F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
Benjamin Franklin
Prince Charles
Woodrow Wilson

Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Scientists

Henry Ford
Thomas Edison
Walt Disney
Leonardo da Vinci
Alexander Graham Bell
Orville and Wilber Wright
Sir Isaac Newton
Albert Einstein