Nurturing techniques to improve learning and attention

Here are some suggestions for nurturing your child to help improve their learning or attention.

Give frequent physical contact. Hold your baby as much as possible during the first 6 months of their life. You will not spoil your baby. Your baby needs frequent physical contact to grow and develop.

Choose age-appropriate toys and provide a safe environment for them to play. Stimulating toys such as books, blocks, and puzzles are recommended. Most importantly, make sure that the play area is safe, free from choke hazards and blunt hard objects.

Make some time each day to play with your child. Encourage conversation, such as reading and board games. Also, allow your child some time to play alone.

Make sure your child gets enough sleep and rest each day. Don’t interrupt your child’s sleep unless it is necessary. You may want to use soft music to help your child relax; some people suggest playing soft music that does not contain words for 30 minutes each day.

Limit exposure to television as much as possible before age 2. When your child is 2 years and older, one hour or less of TV a day is plenty. Make sure the programs your child watches are appropriate for his or her age.

Encourage your child to eat healthy foods and to develop healthy eating habits. Limit the amount of sugar and fat in your child’s diet. Don’t allow your child to have juices, sports drinks, or soda pop and most cereals.