Natural Memory Support

Vaxa Mermorin Natural Memory SupportMemorin is an advanced cerebral homeopathic medicinal designed to support neural-brain function and provide memory support. The formula supplies the extra essential nutrients which are known to stimulate memory recall and retrieval functions of the brain.

Memorin works to promote memory and brain function by supplying the body a complex blend of homeopathic medicinals, in a base of natural herbs and nutrients like Phosphatidylserine (PS), Pregnenolone and Ginkgo Biloba.

The ingredients in Memorin naturally support the body’s ability to:

  • Promote prompt and quick memory recall
  • Support increased oxygen and circulation to the brain
  • Help protect the brain from free radical damage
  • Maintain proper information processing, understanding, and retrieval

Do you have Difficulty Swallowing Capsules?

For children, or individuals having difficulty swallowing capsules, try VÄXA Memorin mini. Appropriately named for its miniature size, Memorin mini provides the same formula as Memorin in smaller capsules for easier swallowing for children and adults. Also keep in mind, 120 mini capsules is equivalent to 60 regular capsules.

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