Attend mini Strategy Pac for Attention Difficulities, Stress & Memory

Want a natural and complete approach to help you or your loved one with all aspects of their attention, stress, and memory issues? VÄXA has your solution.

The VÄXA Attend mini Strategy Pac is a three-formula health strategy that offers safe, all natural nutritional support for those individuals experiencing distraction, inattentiveness and over activity. The Attend mini Strategy Pac combines three of VÄXA’s most popular medicinals Attend, Extress and Memorin in mini capsules suitable for all ages to help those who have swallowing difficulties.

Each Attend mini Strategy Pac contains the following:

1 bottle of Attend mini (120 mini caps)
1 bottle of Extress mini (120 mini caps)
1 bottle of Memorin mini (120 mini caps)

What is Attend mini?

Attend Mini Strategy Pac

Attend mini is a homeopathic medicinal that helps those individuals who are inattentive, overactive or learning impaired. The ingredients in Attend mini support the body’s ability to:

  • Support attention, focus and concentration
  • Aid periodic bouts of stress, frustration, nervousness, and hyperactivity
  • Promote smooth, balanced information processing

What is Extress mini?

Extress mini is a homeopathic medicinal that helps with stress and over activity. The homeopathic ingredients in Extress mini support the body’s ability to:

  • Aid bouts of distress and nervousness
  • Promote total muscle and body relaxation
  • Aid unpredictable mood fluctuations

What is Memorin mini?

Memorin mini is a homeopathic medicinal that supports memory and clear thinking. The ingredients in Memorin mini support the body’s ability:

  • Aid memory retention
  • Support proper cognitive function
  • Promote mental alertness

All the products in the VÄXA Attend mini Strategy Pac have an advanced multi-dimensional formulation which incorporates homeopathic remedies as well as herbal and nutritional components which address all areas of attention difficulties.

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