Ty’s Personal ADHD Story

One celebrity who has been vocal about his ADHD diagnosis is Ty Pennington, host of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” In addition to this very popular TV show, Ty recently opened his own Los Angeles interior design boutique, Art Design Home Décor, or ADHD for short. What is Ty’s reason for naming his shop ADHD? Ty says his new boutique proves that a person with ADHD can, “ … focus on one thing long enough to make it happen!” This is just one anecdote from Ty’s personal ADHD story, a story that has brought hope and joy to many children and adults with attention difficulties.

Ty’s personal ADHD story began in grade school, when it seemed like his hyperactivity would get in the way of everything he tried to accomplish. According to Ty, having ADHD in school meant spending most of his time in the hallway or in detention. When he was allowed in class, Ty says he swung on the blinds, ran around the classroom, and playfully slapped other students on the back of the head. Anyone who hears Ty’s personal ADHD story can surmise that school was probably one of the most difficult things about having ADHD. Ty says he would read a book but not remember a word, cause chaos in the classroom daily, and spend most of his time being disciplined instead of learning.

Somehow, Ty managed to graduate high school and start college before he was officially diagnosed with ADHD. Upon reaching adulthood, Ty’s personal ADHD story took a turn for the better. Even though Ty says ADHD hurt his confidence and his belief in his own abilities, Ty found success by pursuing art, design, and carpentry. Another boost to Ty’s personal ADHD story came along when a modeling scout approached Ty, launching Ty’s career in print advertising, TV, and endorsements.

Soon afterward, Ty combined his photogenic appearance, charismatic sense of humor, and love for carpentry into his own empire of television shows, magazine publications, home fashion designs, and personal appearances. Now Ty is followed by a throng of loyal, hysterical fans who adore Ty for the way he has used his talents to help others. Ty’s personal ADHD story is a meaningful one, as the Emmy award-winning home design guru is another living example of the amazing things people with attention difficulties can accomplish.