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Thank you for visiting The ADD/ADHD Support Site. This site was specifically designed to share information about Attention Deficit Disorder as well as offer a natural solution for attention deficit. We hope that you find the information helpful when deciding the best treatment for you or your loved ones.

As you may have seen, we only offer products manufactured by VÄXA International. Since 1987, VÄXA has been recognized worldwide as a Leader in the Nutraceutical field. VÄXA’s advancements in phytomedicinal combinations and biosystem specificity have made the Nutraceutical industry what it is today, not just in the United States, but worldwide. Since the late 1980′s, their successful pioneering efforts in the use of Free Form Amino Acids, DHEA, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Melatonin, Glycosaminoglycans and their subsequent worldwide popularization attest to the seriousness and worth of our research to date.

We chose to offer VÄXA’s product Attend for one reason; it is the best. It has been clinically tested, was formulated by a Doctor and is safe and effective.

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